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Year 1

Propaedeutic phase
The European Studies programme starts with a propaedeutic phase meant for orientation and selection. It covers the courses, areas and skills a European Professional should know. Moreover, a solid knowledge of several languages and cultures plays an essential role. This is why you will study two European languages, in addition to English, during at least the first two years of the European Studies programme.  Europe is the binding element in all these courses. The programme will be continued in Year 2 where you deepen your knowledge.

As you will be trained in conducting presentations, debating and (copy) writing, your communicative skills will reach a high level. You will also develop your social skills because of the many group assignments in the European Studies programme. The curriculum offers you a well balanced mix of lectures, group activities, project work and individual assignments.

Please click here for a description (pdf file) of the curriculum and an overview of all courses given during the year 1-2-3-4 of the European Studies programme.

Project-based work is considered very important at the department of European Studies. Regularly, students work in groups on realistic projects. Team-working skills and theoretical knowledge are developed via these projects, which have an international character.

There are two projects in Year 1: the MATCH project and the FOCUS project. During the MATCH project students will learn how to Manage A Team Competently and Harmoniously by simulation of a meeting. During the FOCUS project student teams will write a plan for the organisation of an international event. The results will be presented before an external jury of experts. The members of the jury will assess each team's plan as well as its presentation skills. The winning team will receive the European Studies Focus Trophy.

After completing the first year, a certificate for the propaedeutic phase is awarded. 

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Dates 2016-2017

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