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Student joins Human Rights conference

11th annual International Human Rights summit 2014 (Brussels)

From the 4th till 7th of September 2014 Youth for Human Rights International organized a human rights summit in Brussels, Belgium The purpose of this summit was to further explain these rights, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and inspire the young participants to become advocates for tolerance and peace.

There were different youth ambassadors and delegates from around the globe who represented their countries. 24 Youth Ambassadors and 23 youth delegates a selection of the essays sent in mine was selected. This meant that I was requested to represent my country the democratic Republic Of Congo and hold a speech during the summit.

There were more dignitaries who were invited: diplomats, United Nations functionaries, representatives of many Human Rights organizations among others. Among the people who gave their speeches are Dr Bouthos Bourtos Ghali, the former United Nations' Secretary General from 1992 till 1996), Prof. Shafiqul Hassan, from Geneva Business College, Dr Sonia Ramzi the founder of the UNESCO forum in charge of this summit and many more.

By attending this summit and having an opportunity to hold a speech, it was a good experience as a European Studies student, and the future participant in Human Rights Minor course in the 2nd Block, I learned many things about human rights, I heard about people's experiences in the fields, their challenges, their achievements. Besides that, I acquired knowledge from the different speeches from various academics and politicians and from the workshops we had. Finally, I met with all kinds of people from different countries with different responsibilities. It was an educational and inspiring experience to me.

Chris Nkunda Rudaga, fourth year ES student.


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