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New in 2014-2015

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The elective course Zukunft Deutschland offers students of European Studies and of the School of Translation and Interpreting with German as their foreign language a unique possibility to enhance their knowledge of today's Germany. During the second, third and fourth year students will be made familiar with aspects of the economic, social, political and cultural life of Germany. The programme will consist of lectures and field trips to, amongst other destinations, Berlin, the Ruhr area and Vienna. Students can optain 15 EC in total, but can also take part in the programme for just one year. After every year students will obtain a certificate, signed by the German ambassador in the Netherlands.

Central and Eastern Europe study track
Since Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is becoming increaslingly important and more CEE specialist are needed on the national and international labour market, European Studies has decided to offer motivated students and extra opportunity in this field of interest. As from September 2014 it will be possible for ES students of year 2, 3 and 4 to follow our CEE study track of (at least) 30 credits.

You can earn these credits by giving a 'CEE touch' to several parts of the regular curriculum, such as certain specialisation subjects, your exchange programme, taking part in relevant field trips, taking part in the course Russian Language and Society, the bachelor thesis or the internship.

The CEE Masterclass in year 4 is mandatory for those who want to follow the entire CEE study track and receive an extra certificate (CEE expert) at their graduation. And last but not least, students can also earn a limited number of credits for the CEE study track by carrying out extracurricular activities such as a suitable summer course.

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